Glen Alex is a clinical social worker, massage therapist, author, speaker, and the executive director of G. Alex Foundation. She has published the biannual newsletter, The Massage Advantage, for 12+ years, been published in The Journal of Community Practice, and developed an anger management program for women who are violent. Glen has more than twenty-five years of professional experience in healthcare and is on a lifelong pursuit for health.
     Currently, Glen lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. When she is not working in one of her many careers, Glen enjoys playing tennis, working out, and spending time with loved ones.

About Living In Total Health 

About glen


“As a healthcare provider for forty-plus years, I am very pleased to recommend Glen’s book, Living in Total Health. She has provided a holistic philosophy and guide to living a ‘wellthy’ life. Her writing style is quite pleasant and very readable. I know of no other book like it. This is not a book of rules or have to’s. It consists of positive guides and choices of well-known information drawn from various disciplines and synthesized creatively. This presentation allows each person to create one’s own ‘wellthy’ life symphony. I found it to be enjoyable and thought-provoking reading.”

— Joy Landers, MS, Summerdale, AL, Retired Advanced Nurse Practitioner

   Living In Total Health is a game-changer for those tired of failed diets and exercise programs. Such failures are a result of focusing on diet and exercise only.
   ​True health involves the whole person. And Living In Total Health addresses all of you. 
​   Living In Total Health is not a how-to. It is a why-to!​