January 2019: Guest Alex Adams

May 2018: Guest DJ Thump

October 2018: Guest Dr. Vicky Coleman

November 2018: Wisdom of 2018 Guests

December 2018: Special Episode

June 2018: Guest Dr. Devin Luzod

January 2018: Guest Nicole Taylor Sharp

August 2018: Guest James Wagner, DDS

February 2018: Guest Aaron Phiilips

April 2018: Guest Shawanna Johnson

February 2019: Guest Maggie Magareeshi

July 2018: Guests Ray Wilson, Stan Shields

March 2018: Guest Sally Spurgeon

September 2018: Guest Gus Vargas

The Glen Alex Show

The Glen Alex Show is all about health! On the Glen Alex Show we focus on total health and include the whole person—the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. True health is much, much more than diet and exercise. You are whole and all of you matter! The Glen Alex Show airs monthly on WCOBM.TV. All episodes are available for viewing 24/7 on this website and on the Living In Total Health YouTube page. Contact Glen for information on advertising and guest appearances at glen@livingintotalhealth.com.