Speaking Engagements
Ohio State Society of Medical Technologists: 04/08/17
Meet The Authors: 01/11/17
Lead Team presentations: 2015-2017

Direct Cellars events: 2017
Danny Vegas Live on WCOBM: 12/22/16

Sports Massage class speech: 11/30/16
Modern Life Network Interview: 11/10/16
Book Release Party: 10/06/16
Publishers' Institute: 01/23/16
Publishing Seminar: 04/24/15
Publishing Seminar: 09/2014
G. Alex Foundation's Annual Events:
     Davis Kup of Las Vegas: 2012-2017
     Team Tennis: 2012-2017
     Supporter Appreciation: 2012-201
     Tennis Player Network event: 2015
Lead Team interviews: 2015-2016
Stretch 4 Health: 2015
USANA Story: 11/23/14
Mental Health presentation: 1999
I Have A Dream Foundation: 1997

Glen Alex has been speaking to audiences about health and personal development for decades. She uses data, her professional experience, and personal stories to engage, educate, and uplift all those in pursuit of personal growth and health.

   Living In Total Health is a game-changer for those tired of failed diets and exercise regimens. Such failures are a result of focusing on diet and exercise only.

   ​True health involves the whole person. And Living In Total Health addresses all of you.
​   Living In Total Health is not a how-to. It is a why-to!